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American Roller Skating Derby League:

THE NEW SITE ARSDBOMBERS.COM - Launches May 4, 2012!
I want to personally welcome everyone to ARSDBOMBERS.COM

(A.R.S.D.) promotes the progressive growth and sustainability of Banked Track co-ed roller derby as a competitive sport by implementing a traditional athletic approach. The Official American Roller Skating Derby League was . Established in 1997 by Cali owner DAN FERRARI, and living in it's "TRUE PROFESSIONAL" Roller Derby Banked Style Skating.

(A.R.S.D.) is committed to athleticism and sportsmanship, as well as raising awareness about and furthering the sport of roller derby.

(A.R.S.D.) believes in the importance of fostering the spread of roller derby as a sport and supporting roller derby culture by embodying the values of friendship, empowerment, dedication, discipline and a "for the skater, by the skater" philosophy.

(A.R.S.D.) Skaters it is our goal to demonstrate positive roles and act as contributing members of the community.

Banked Track-It appeals to people from all walks of life.

As the American Roller Skating Derby league continues to grow, your business has the opportunity to grow with us. Roller derby is an emerging promotional platform with many opportunities for partners to leverage its positive, athletic, hip and smart image.


Our roller derby league consist of men/woman that range from occupations such as stay at home mothers to artists, doctors, students, teachers and the list goes on. A.R.S.D. Within the diverse crowd you will find mothers, fathers, kids, grandparents, coworkers and college students and hardcore fans sitting side-by-side, cheering on their favorite skaters and teams.

Banked or Flat?

With only a handful of banked track leagues (as portrayed in the film Whip It), over 98% of the 1100+ leagues playing roller derby around the world skate on flat surfaces. We use the Banked Track. The Banked Track is a modern-day spectacle of awesome drama generating sights and sounds not available in a roller rink. Get into the game~

"San Francisco is home of the Bombers," Ferrari said, speaking over the whooshing clacks of skates wheeling around the masonite track.

In Ferrari's league, like those of Roller Derby lore, feature co-ed teams.

The American Roller Skating Derby (A.R.S.D.) is a professional roller derby league. As of 2009, the (A.R.S.D.) consists of six teams: the San Francisco Bay Bombers, the LA FireBirds, the Chicago Pioneers, the Brooklyn Red Devils, the Eastern Chiefs and the Orlando Thunder.

"It's the best sport to go in and get your aggressions out," Ferrari said. "Better than spending $200 at a shrink. It's not like a movie where you have to sit and be quiet. There's nothing like sitting at a live game. It's just wild."

People today like wild and rough sports.

The A.R.S.D. Skaters
Join the American Roller Skating Derby League and skate with some of the best skaters from Rollerjam-Hockey, Trick Skating, X-Treme Sports and Speed skaters. If you are a skater and looking for a part time job, well this is the place for you.

The entire American Roller Skating Derby League holds true to its American roots where anyone that works hard can become a success and huge derby star!

The American Roller Skating Derby League are ready to give a dose of reality, with legit violence thrown into the mix.

We are always recruiting young talent for the American Roller Skating Derby League!

REAL (Roller Derby) - is not played on a flat track roller rink. Our Banked Track, which is 52 feet wide by 107 feet long. The Banked Track, is what you need in order to have a real Roller Derby game. It's just not Roller Derby without a Banked Track.

North to South, we are creating a trail to follow. The (A.R.S.D.) are on a roll all over the world. We are going to blow your mind. Most people don't realize yet that (A.R.S.D.) is on the cusp of a new age of Roller Derby TV breakthroughs.

Because they can't see it, they haven't felt it. But soon everyone will. And it will change everything what you think you know about Roller Derby.

Get ready for American Roller Skating Derby League action...coming to your city. Our new (A.R.S.D.) Roller Derby is too HOT to handle!

Practice sessions are always available daily before the game and on weekends, Ferrari said, along with Saturday night games.

Derby is a great family-friendly sport that many people just don't know about or understand. As much as derby is literally all over the world, We hear from people every day who have no idea it exists.

We love roller derby! The Mind-boggling agility. Intense coordination and adaptability. Wild flailing. Extreme force fields. Strength and speediness.

In the coming months we will be adding several new pages to our new online site.

Please check out the top links offered at the top of this page.

Thank you :)
Dan Ferrari

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